Energetic Bodywork
The knowledge that an unseen energy flow through all living things and is connected directly to the quality of health has been acknowledged, studied, and documented by cultures and societies around the globe. Many systems of health and wellness have been developed around this vital universal energy and incorporate techniques and practices to keep it flowing properly throughout the body. It is understood on a very basic level that when this life-force energy becomes blocked, stagnant, deficient or even excessive, imbalance arises in the body which can lead to problems with the longevity and quality of life. There are may names for this energy. In the Chinese culture it is called Chi (Chee), In Japan; Ki (Kee), In India; Prana (Prah-nah), In Hawai'i; Mana (Mah-nah), In Egypt; Seichim (Say-keem), in the ancient culture of the Essenes; it was called Life-force, and the list goes on. Scientific experimentation has verified the existence of this life-force energy and scientists refer to it as Bio-plasma or Bio-energy. The scientific community continues to conduct experiments with this energy and is further examining the role it plays in the functioning of the immune system and the healing process.

Energetic Bodywork facilitates the optimal flow of life-force energy through the many energetic centers, channels and pathways that are within the human being. The therapist makes use of safe, natural, and effective techniques from recognized systems of energy work known around the world. The practitioners of these powerful healing techniques, as well as modern science, understand that humans are essentially organized matrices of different expressions of energy. These various levels of energetic expression act as waves or particles in relation to gravity and electromagnetism that operate within the aspects of a unified and/or quantum field. In other words; we see, feel, and interpret the life-force energy functioning throughout the universe in the capacities of light, sound, and matter.
Energetic bodywork allows the recipient to access all aspects of these energies, at the foundation of their expression within the body, and to facilitate their re-alignment for optimal flow and function. Forms of energetic bodywork can be applied with the hands either on or off the body and the recipient can remain fully clothed. Energetic Bodywork incorporates a high level of awareness, a deep level of understanding, and a proper level of intention. Erinn is proficient in many of these aspects, but Todd is a lifelong student and a true master. The integration and harmony produced by this process can revitalize, relax, heal, increase clarity and awareness, relieve bodily congestion, minimize pain and enhance function. These forms of treatment have been used throughout millennia to restore balance and improve the flow of communication between our intention, cells, tissues, organs and glands, as well as to promote a deeper sense of connection with the harmony and flow of life. Currently, we offer classes in the energetic bodywork style of Reiki, where we introduce and discuss many effective styles and templates of energetic bodywork from around the world. We also offer private sessions of energetic bodywork for those that wish to experience the amazing benefits of this type of work and it is one of the modalities we recommend incorporating into a multiple therapist session.

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